Passoã Fresh!

Posted on February 8, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Passoã’s Sunset Party on The Island last night

Photograph by Mark Sherborne / Maven PR

Last night, the passionfruit liqueur, Passoã hosted a sunset party on Sydney Harbour on the floating oasis, The Island, and what a night it was! Celebrity guests eagerly arrived boarding the water taxi across the harbour to the stunning floating pontoon bar, enjoying delicious passionfruit cocktails including the Porn Star Martini, Passoã’ Spritz and Passoã’ Sangria as the sun set over the beautiful harbour. With great music from DJ Stacie Fields, celebs celebrated Passoã’s sunset party in style.


Made with natural passionfruit, Passoã is a crowd-favourite passionfruit liqueur. With its strong passionfruit taste, lower ABV and reduced sugar, this tasty fresh liqueur is the perfect key ingredient in summer cocktails, like the famous Porn Star Martini.

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